Thursday, 1 November 2012

Barry m pigment swatches

I love pigments,
Yes they are messy but very vesatile! you can add some fix plus and use as eyeliner or add some clear gloss to make your own unique shade of lipgloss,even use as a blush!

I mainly own barry m pigments, love the pigmentation and love how they blend. I do own some mac ones but just prefer the smaller quantity sold by barry m.

Here are the ones that I have

no91 dazzle dust
no24 fine glitter dust
no25 fine glitter dust 
no21 fine glitter dust
no102 dazzle dust

Here's the swatches

no92 dazzle dust
no5 fine glitter dust
no14 dazzle dust
no20 fine glitter dust
no26 fine glitter dust

no96 dazzle dust
no98 dazzle dust
no72 dazzle dust
no101 dazzle dust
no22 fine glitter dust

no7 fine glitter dust
no18 dazzle dust
no88 dazzle dust
no23 fine glitter dust
no89 dazzle dust

no8 fine glitter dust
no39 dazzle dust
no77 dazzle dust
no27 dazzle dust

Have any of you tried barry m?  
What brand of pigments do you recommend?



Cali Gal Lola said...

Omg I love these colors!! I love pigments but dont own any of these. I dont even know where they are sold here. Great pictures thanks.

shifa said...

Ive never actually tried any of barry m makeup before other than their nailpolishes but these look really lovely! - have you tried macs mixing medium? xxx

Sabina said...

You should try some there really good for a quick glam eye too!
Yes I have macs mixing medium,I use it for glitters or sometimes to make a eyshadow a eyeliner.although I do grab mac fix plus more.x

Sami said...

Oh wow! You have an amazing collection! GOSH pigments are also really good x

Preeti said...

Hi Sabina!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your makeup is amazing!!! So talented!

Keep up the good work!

Preeti (utubemakeup)

The Doll said...

I don't own any pigments but after seeing your site, I will be purchasing some!